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Owner’s Guide

February 3, 2019 by Admin

“Our website offers a simple way to connect with travellers. Smart, simple and easy to use, it provides a direct and smooth way to get more guests, more often, with less hassle”

1. Create an Account

Creating an account is really straightforward, throughout the Signup button or the Submit Property button which allows you to log in easily.

Our comprehensive guide explains how the registration process works!

2. Sign up

Fill in the form providing your username and e-mail address, then simply choose if you want to book or rent. Don’t forget to agree with our Terms and Conditions and solve the captcha trick. You can now create your account and a password will be emailed to you. Check your email and find your username and password, then Login using your new credentials and you are now in!

Welcome in your own My Profile page, now is time to complete your details. The more details you will provide, the more satisfactory will be your experience within our website and it will allow us to better serve you and be of your help if necessary. In case you are not a private person, please enter your full details of your company within the Additional Info / Hidden Field, together with your VAT registration number. VAT number provided will be verified through VIES database.

Once finished, you can save your details with the Update Profile button,  change the password received by email or even upload your smiling photo.

3. Add New Property

Submitting a listing is super simple, just find Add New Property in the left menu on the My Profile page and fill in the fields.

Some are compulsory, other not. A detailed description, showing the distinctive features of your property, with a good set of pictures, will be more appealing for travellers, so go along, insert all the required information and just remember to save each page.

Your property is now ready, waiting for our Team approval.

In My Properties section, you can check the expiry date of your listing and edit, delete or set as featured (if allowed by your current subscription) your property in the bottom end of the same listing.

4. Other features of My Profile page

You are also provided with some other useful features, just browse your menu and discover how you can easily manage your subscriptions and your existing properties, add new properties, save your favourite places and destinations, monitor booking received and reservations made, communicate with guests and find your invoices.

The menu is really intuitive and it is an easy going to keep everything under control.

 5. Our Packages

In accordance with your membership package, you will be able to submit as many properties as you want. Our packages are designed to cater flexible and bespoke solutions, both for private and professional hosts.

A wide offer of packages is available in your menu, opening My subscription page. Choose between the currently available options and select your preferred package within the dropdown menu. Pay with Paypal and Pay via Wire Transfer are the available instruments of payments. Once the payment is made, your listings will be online in a timeframe between 24-48 hours.

6. Ready to receive bookings

Keep your listings alive and lively!

Make sure your listings are always up to dated, with plenty of information and great pictures of good quality, and keep an eye on the accuracy and clearness of your descriptions.

Check your email on a regular basis to see if you have received enquiries or bookings, reply to their queries and help them to manage their trips. You will be always informed by our email service when an enquiry or a booking request comes to you.

You are now ready to communicate with your guests by yourself, agreeing for example the time of their arrival, the terms of payments, or any other special requirement. Direct contact with your guests ensures you to provide them with the attentions and best care they deserve.

“Let now take off your business activity and enjoy the services our website is proud to provide”